Lisk "Samaritan" Delegate Pool

Vote for Samaritan (5634450660266464876L) via LISK Nano or web client.

Samaritan delegate will share 80% of forging rewards with his voters.

500 LISK Lottery each month for 5 voters (100 LISK each). More information.

Voters' payments' fee (0.1 LISK) is paid by the pool, payments are made every week for voters that earned more than 1 LISK.

Voting power is capped so that one address can't represent more than 1% of the pool, so small holders get a better share.

If you voted for Samaritan information will appear on the Forger Stats tab as soon as a new block is forged.

Check out my guide for the most long-term profitable voting strategy for Lisk delegates.

Last updated: 29 March 2018