Most profitable voting strategy (long term).

AKA stop getting screwed by greedy delegates.

Let me expose you what I think is the best (and the most profitable) voting strategy for Lisk delegates, along with my conception of what should be a good DPOS governance.

1. I think every delegate should share (at the very least) 50% of their forging rewards to the community (with the current price of Lisk it should even be 75%+).
Right now, there is only 13 delegates (out of the 101) in forging positions who share 50% or more (without conditions).
Many of the others share around 25% (or less) and we have almost no clue what happens with the 75% left except making them rich.

2. Delegate pools should not be too big, in my opinion a high maximum of 20 delegates, and every delegates of this pools should share a percentage of their rewards with their voters even if those voters don't vote for every delegates of their pool.

What do we have right now?
The forging list is mainly composed of 2 delegate pools: GDT and Elite. 88 delegates in total!
GDT pool is the least worst of the 2, they have 33 delegates in forging position and you still get a little bit of rewards even if you don't vote for all of them. But, if you vote for all of them, you "only" get an average of around 25% per delegate.
Elite pool is clearly the worst pool, they have 55 delegates in forging position and you get no reward out of them if you don't vote for all of them and only 25% if you vote for all. So every time there's a new member you need to change your vote to expect to win some Lisk, for small holders it is clearly not profitable at all and you will probably lose money with the voting fees.
Elite pool is the Lisk mafia and their philosophy is totally against the original idea of Lisk and the concept of decentralization and DPOS.
They only exist to make themselves richer, with the current price of Lisk (and previous ATH) most of them could have been millionaire by now, at your expense.
The only fair pool (in forging position) in my opinion right now is Sherwood.

We should kick as soon as possible Elite pool from the forging position and only vote for delegates who share 50% or more of their rewards to put them in forging position.

So this is my voting propositions, you'll get less rewards on the short term (because a lot of this delegates are not in forging position, yet), but if a lot of Lisk holders do the same you'll get almost 2x-3x more rewards over the long term!
If you blindly vote for the top 101, you'll get an average share/delegate of 30% (if all conditions are met, if you forgot to vote for 1 Elite, it drops to 17%...). With this 3 lists, when all delegates will be in forging position, you'll get an average of 56% share/delegate (for 99 delegates).

First voting session:
This one is made with delegates that share 50% or more without conditions.
As you can see only 13 of this delegates are in forging position (what a shame).
But for only this 13 votes you'll get 67% of the rewards you would get for voting for ALL Elite members (55 votes).
When all this 33 delegates will be in forging position, you will get more than 200% of what Elite would give you and you will have 68 votes left!
There is also the best pool I know so far dutch_pool: members of this pool will share 90% if you vote for all of them.

Current postion    Delegate name Share
400 samaritan 80% (with 5x100 Lisk lottery each month, fees paid by the pool)
2 thepool 75%
3 liskpool_com_01     85%
7 robinhood 100%
15 90%
24 shinekam 85%
58 liberspirita 50%
87 vrlc92 50%
91 vipertkd 50%
92 communitypool 80%
96 samuray 50%
97 devasive 60%
98 80%
99 gdtpool 90%
188 dutch_pool 90%
191 fnoufnou 75%
193 thamar 75%
196 kippers 75%
197 st3v3n 75%
112 4fryn 60%
122 olejegcord 75%
141 blink 90%
173 highrollerspool 70%
186 60%
177 60%
184 endro 60%
195 elevate 50%
205 80%
228 share99 99%
241 cryptoguyinza 95%
305 mars 75%
377 ren.dao 70%
664 becometa 70%

Second voting session:
The 12 following are the Lisk Ascend pool each member share at least 50%.
The 5 others are delegates wich share more than 25% (but less than 50%) without conditions.
This list still lacks 17 delegates to vote for... I'm trying to find some with good proposals, if you know some drop me an e-mail, thanks.

Current postion    Delegate name Share
144 anamix 10%
150 gregorst 50%
159 kylefromohio 50%
227 goforlisk 50%
235 roblad 50%
242 hirish 50%
278 nimbus 50%
364 moosty 50%
372 lisktrust 40%
419 sdrpa 50%
420 slamper 50%
888 diamse 50%
93 stellardynamic 40%
107 hoop 30%
108 atreides 40%
111 wannabe_rotebaron     40%
121 stoner19 40%
364 puredelta 50%
xxx ??? xx%
xxx ??? xx%
xxx ??? xx%
xxx ??? xx%
xxx ??? xx%
xxx ??? xx%
xxx ??? xx%
xxx ??? xx%
xxx ??? xx%
xxx ??? xx%
xxx ??? xx%
xxx ??? xx%
xxx ??? xx%
xxx ??? xx%
xxx ??? xx%

Third voting session:
From what I know (all these lists and calculations were mainly made thanks to the informations on the DPOS Tools website), the last good option for voting is to vote for GDT pool.
I my opinion it's not a good pool because they only share an average of 25% if you vote for all of them, but you can do it in a single 33 votes session, so they are still better than Elite were you have to vote for 55 delegates.
Plus even if you don't vote for all of them, you'll still have a little % as a reward, with Elite you get 0.

Current postion    Delegate name Share
3 tembo 15%
4 liskgate 6.25%
5 cc001 6.25%
12 punkrock 6.25%
16 forrest 25%
17 nerigal 25%
20 grumlin 6.25%
24 ondin 25%
27 sgdias 30%
28 eclipsun 6.25%
31 vekexasia 18.75%
32 gr33ndrag0n 6.25%
33 goldeneye 6.25%
34 ntelo 20%
37 vi1son 46.25%
38 bioly 25%
39 6.25%
40 liskit 20%
45 hmachado 6.25%
51 corsaro 20%
53 philhellmuth 30%
70 mrv 11.25%
73 redsn0w 10%
80 dakk 15%
81 splatters 10%
82 joo5ty 16.25%
88 kushed.delegate     40%
89 slasheks 25%
90 5an1ty 25%
94 hagie 40%
95 joel 25%
99 gdtpool 100%
101 alepop 25%

Fourth voting session:
With only 2 votes left, I don't think it's a good idea to spend 1 Lisk for these 2, especially if this is your first time voting and you're a small holder.
If this is not your first time voting, you can spend them to remove delegates that rewards you 0, for example Elite members if you do not vote for all of them (I suggest you to check this list: Pending Elite voters to see if you're in this amazing 3732 addresses list of Elite voters - that's more than 1/3 of their voters - wich will not be paid) and to vote for delegates in the previous list that you didn't already have in your voting list; in all cases it can only be more profitable than voting for Elite and get 0.

PS: I'm not affiliated with any of this pools/delegates (except my own delegate, of course)
I'll try to keep this lists updated with new informations as soon as I have them.

PS2: I removed from my previous versions of this lists: bitbanksy, vega, bangomatic, techbytes, thrice.pi_prometheus, bitseed, axente, cad789 and sonobit; because some of them already were in forging position but were kicked out due to bad behaviour and because they are ARK founders who tried to take over the list network to the benefit of ARK... And liskpool_com because it's just one guy trying to run 20 delegates at the same time.

Last updated: 6 April 2018